Sunday, October 19, 2008

L'chaim .... To Life

I always loved the sound of the word" L'chaim" since I heard it in "fiddler on the roof" some words just make you feel good.
Anthony de Mello said "Life is a banquet and the tragedy is that most people are starving to death."

We live in a time of high technology, high stress events and high demands and high lack of a real appreciation and understanding of Life.

Often we hurry around and never allow ourselves to see the little things. We can become so lost in keeping up with the Jones we never appreciate what we have for what we think we need or want. We starve when in reality we are gorged.

Sadly enough sometimes Life has to literally knock us down and out before we see how Life starved we have become, before we see another chance to live.

Some will only see Life after they have experienced an illness.some may have to experience a loss of someone either through divorce, breakup or even death.

Life can be overwhelming and demanding at times we've all had moments like that but often we have also had a hint which we often over look. Followed later by a great jolt to say that we can have another chance to live, another chance to attend Life's banquet.

May your plate of Life be filled and your hunger fed.

L' chaim... To Life