Sunday, August 03, 2014

Web of Life

Web of Life Aug 3rd 2014

Animals speak to us if we listen they each have lessons to teach us, understandings to share but we have to be open. When I was a child growing up in Oklahoma City I was scared of spiders and spider webs a part of my mind still is those unexpected ones. As I grew up and became more aware of myself, my beliefs expanding, my understanding of the Great Mystery around me, my fear eased into caution and respect.

As I develop and grow lessons become a life study. The Spider takes on a new thought from me my greatest importance for myself is Balance and to ask and know why? The Spider teaches us to maintain Balance between past, present and future, between our physical world and our spiritual self between our shadow self (Dark side) and our self (Light side)

We each weave our own web with our thoughts, feelings and actions, we write our own pathway with each action and reaction our choices the Spider reminds us we are the center of our own web (Life, World).

The Spider reminds us we are strong and can survive the storms (experiences good and bad) that we can rebuild from a destroyed web (Life) it teaches us to make our own opportunities, it teaches us of sacrificing for our loved ones and the threads that bind us of persistence and determination the construction of our web (Lives).

Surviving an abusive past, Raising an amazing daughter Katherine who just graduated from University Nevada Reno, Meeting an Amazing man Michael who has been my friend, partner,companion and support. Educating myself to have opportunities and know my self, the Spider teaches me to ask myself.

How are my choices affecting my life? The choices I made to forgive myself and those who hurt me made the threads of my web (Life) stronger. How are my choices improving my life? I remember who I was and where I came from it doesn't control where or who I am. How are my choices affecting others in my life? It doesn't dictate where I am going or who I am going to be. Am I weaving my dreams into reality? I am a work in progress but I can see beyond myself.

May you find the brilliance of your own web created each day and answers to your own questions.