Monday, July 31, 2006

A Little Bit of Magic

Ever wonder why it seems so hard for some to be optimistic? Just seems to be the curse of half the world. No one seems to be able to appreciate the beauty and magic of just getting up in the morning. I mean with all the bad stuff going on in the world, now is when we have to look at the little things and find a reason to see the good, to make a positive out of the negitive.

I have recently become fascinated with the simpliest two little words, do you every do that I love words anyway but sometimes a word or words just intrique me (it takes so little to fascinate me or so a friend tells me all the time) The words are "Until Then" now why they fascinate me is still a mystery to me, but I find them very very pleasant.

Until .................Up to a time. Then............. Next in time

Okay so now I give this my little twist (ha-ha I like to give my own twist to things) "Then" is both a past and future word like when they say "that was then this is now" or for the future part Until Then "Up to our next time." two simple words that give you something worth looking forward to.

Did you ever see the old movie "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart in the show he's sitting out back of the pub in the night and talking to the doctor and nurse and the character he plays Elwod P Dowell ( I love that name) finds the phrase "As the night wore on" to be very pleasant and asked to say it again. I love that part and the phrase is beautiful you can almost sense the night drifting from the silence and peace into the waiting light of dawn, softly drifting on.

Their is this amazing song titled Wings of Rest by Gary Stadler and it's mostly instrumental but there is a woman humming and then she says a little poem not sure of the poet but it's very pretty but the parts I like (they touch me most) are "From a spark in the night. Transforming love. Into beings so frail. These the truths. In songs we sing. Visions of light. Beyond space and time. Within Divine. Belong to you. The one who see all" Of course this is my order of them not the poem's order. and I do not know the poet sadly enough or I would love to read more of his/ her work.

Poem: From a spark in the night

unto the fairy veil

Transforming love

Into beings so frail.

Visions of light

within Divine

Comes from the Heavens

Beyond space and time

these the truths

In songs we sing

Belong to you

The Ones, who see all.

Wishing each person in the world A Little Bit of Magic here is to Rainbows in clear skies, Snow balls in June, May each day be filled with Neverland Magic, Laughter, Peace and Love.