Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"I AM"

I Am

In the rustling of the leaves will I whisper to you.
In the dancing of the tall grass and swirl of autumn
leaves will I caress and lift you up.

I Am Air.

In the crackling warmth of the hearth fire will
I bring comfort to you.
In the light of the sun, moon and stars will
I watch over you.

I Am Fire.

In the babbling creek will I laugh with you.
In the flow of the rivers, streams and oceans will
I walk with you.

I Am Water.

From mountain peaks to caverens deep
will I support and provide for you.

I Am Earth.

I Am never ending.
beginning to beginning I pass
from one realm to the next.

I Am Spirit.
cr. CKOrman "I AM" (written in Memory of Tammi)

A Prayer for All

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give to those we love, be they friends or family is the gift of ourselves. And sometimes that same gift of ourselves can and should be shared with others, maybe even a stranger.

I hold all in my prayers, my thoughts and my heart. For All Time.

This is based on an old St Francis Prayer but altered by me:

A Prayer for Guidance

Lady of Love and Light hear my prayers;
Help me to be an instrument of thy wisdom.
In the path of Hatred, Allow me to bring Love
Where there is suffering and injury,
May I bring healing and comfort.
Where there is Doubt,
May I stand in your strength a beacon of Faith, Hope and Courage.
Where there is Darkness,
May I be a hand of Light.
Mother of Unconditional Love,
May I be Compassionate,
even to those who would wish me harm me.
May I be Understanding,
even to those who would misunderstand me.
May I be Love, to those who would hate me.
I See You in All things.
May I always be a haven for my brothers and sisters,
for the weak and ill,
the lost and the tired.
All life is your gift and precious
may I protect and honor your gift
and may the light shine out from me
Through my deeds may I share your wisdom,
your love and your beauty.
In your Love and Light may I serve you well.
As Above So Below.