Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding Our Voice

We enter this world to the sweet song of life's call, we take that first breath and the dance begins. But so few of us recall the voice within that sang us to this arena of our own deep voice.

The voice that whispers softly in the darkness that we find peace within, the voice that we are inspired by to court, embrace and illuminate our life passion, our deepest visions and expressions of what we want, the voice that echos to the world who we are.

We often forget that the voice is not just who we are now and heard where we are, it is the voice that lulls us through the ruins of who we were and where we came from the good and the bad through the darkness into the light.

The voice of who we will become and where we will be as the veils of time rise and descend again along the course of life's flowing path ways.

It is the voice without words that says the most, without sound that echos the loudest that sweetness brings thoughts and heart to form, words to stories and songs, Colors and lines to images, and music to dance, vision and feeling.

Finding the voice is not just hearing it. It's seeing it, embracing it, feeling it but above all else its being the voice and sharing it.

May your voice join the great orchestra of voices and lift the world in its warmth, beauty and magick.