Monday, October 30, 2006


On the day we’re born two amazingly beautiful and magical things happen.

The first being that our amazing little soul has come into this world with it comes hope, love, wisdom, patience and promise and possablity.

And the second is that we have accepted Life’s offer to have this dance for
rest of our lives. Each swirling splendor of motion from the smallest second to the grandest moment we have ever experienced. It’s an echo of our soul’s dance.

And through the years we dance fast and slow, we dance in darkness and in light. But we dance. And as we get older sometimes the tune may get a bit off beat, this is when we have to listen a little more carefully to the tune.

Life wants you to lead (Take control) so don’t be afraid, because it won’t take terms and it won’t wait on you. The expectations we set for ourselves are the hardest to achieve but the grandest to meet, if we don’t turn those expecations into limitations that bind us.

So the next time you feel life tap you on the shoulder; Stand on your head, jump in a pile of leaves, spin around in the night and then lay on the earth and watch the night sky spiral back into balance, call a friend (heck call a stranger) and say "Hi", "I Love You", "I’m thinking of you.", hug a tree, a person, a pet. Just don’t think about it. Feel it. Let it feel you and let it fill you up.

Life is color and sound in motion, listen to the music of your deepest heart and soul and dance. Bring that inner magic and dance into your daily routine and watch life respond.

You set the beat ( thoughts, play and desires, ect.), you make the steps (motions and actions), you write the music (past, present and future) and trust me life will radiate with you.

So no matter how old you are, where you are, who you are or even who you’re with. Don’t forget to Dance……To Live!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journey is the Destination

Life is funny sometimes, often we think of the destination as the reward after a long journey.

There are many roads and paths we have already walked and many more we will walk and travel in our lifetime, some will pass over other paths we have crossed before, some will be with friends and some will be traveled alone.

Everyone is trying to reach the destination but today I read the most simple yet in depth expression that seemed to sum it all up for me "The Journey is the Destination." (found in an article in New Age Retailer )

Rainer Maria Rilke said " There is only one Journey. Going Inside yourself"

I have been in the mist of a celtic spiritual healing combining it with native american and other forms of spiritual healing trying to journey to some great destination of enlightenment and knowledge.

Along the path I have learned many things about myself, I have released many things that have hindered me.

The Journey hasn't come to an end by any means, but prehaps it has come to a new realization and that would be that the great Destination that I have been trying to reach has always been right here with me.

In the very things I have learned and that I try and share with others; Love, Happiness, Hope, Tolerance, Patience, and what ever Wisdom I have learned.

It's been in the nightly walks my twist on meditation, the appreciation of the world, the notice of the beauty around me and the dancing and singing that I feel and hear within me.

So the true destination isn't where I end up but how I get there.

May you always and forever learn from yesterday,
live for today and hope for tomorrow.

May you find all that you desire,
Achieve all that you attempt,
And Rule your own destiny.

May you be eternally challenged to grow,
to stretch beyond.

And May you find that great destination,
within you.

Cara a Brudia Chyneua Chofleidia' ch
(Love and Divine Light embrace you)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hold on to who you are...... You're worth it

Hold on to who you are………You’re Worth it.

Life happens in cycles one ends and another begins it’s like
for every door that closes another opens and sometimes we
have to open it.

This is the same for all phases of our lives, work, relationships
and just taking that first step is not always the easiest to do.
But the thing to remember is you have to make that first step
no one can make it for you.

There are going to be those who don’t agree with your thoughts,
your feeling or even about who you are. They may not believe
as you do. They may not even believe in you.

There will be those who want to change you, this is the essential thing

You’re not your mother or your father, you may share things in common
with others but you’re not them either. You are unique with good and
bad, weak and strong traits. You’re going to spend a long time with
yourself, and each day you’ll learn things about yourself that even
you may not know. You’ll build on the positive asspects of who you are
hopefully. Just remember to be patient with yourself the rest will come and no matter how old you are know you are always growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually strive for this growth.

Your journey through life isn’t any less important then another's, it’s not
a race, take your time explore every opportunity, every experience savor every glorious second and beauty of it and follow your heart, what does it say to you?

Don’t be afraid to grab hold of life and say lets ride. Some may be more
focused then others and remember what is normal to you and normal to
another may differ that’s the glory of being who you are. It’s also important that you remember to respect not only yourself but others for the same glory of being who they are.

I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe you are were you’re suppose to be and that you are much more then you may even know, it’s not easy in todays world to see clearly all the time we are influenced by the events of the world around us, by those close to us some will even try in their own ignorance and envy to break us down, some will cause us to doubt ourselves without malice and some with malice in their words and actions, sometimes we absorb enough of the negative energy of others that we may wonder at our own self worth, ability and emotions.

I believe you have a great gift and a great purpose in this world and even if you don’t know what it is right now you will. And one day there will be this brilliant new light washing over the world it will be you, you may not win the Nobel Prize for Humanity but the prize you win will be just as great it will be the satifaction of knowing who you are and that you have been true to yourself even in the hardest of times.

It will be the gift of knowing you touched another’s life and made a difference just by being you, It will be the gift of a heart and soul that gives without expectation of return.

So I encourage you wheither you’re a friend, family or a complete stranger to
Hold on to who you are……..You’re worth it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vision of Crossing Home by CKOrman

Vision of Crossing Home:

From the shores of this earthly world
I embark into the next, the barge bares me
forth through veils of mist over waters dark
and deep.

From beneath the gray skies I pass into
the clear light of myself and as I journey
forth passing visions of that which was into
what is, light upon the water does the barge
become as it drifts onward to the silvery
moonlit Shores of Avalon into the waiting arms
of the Great Mother. I am home.

Sweet echos the songs of my sisters beyond the
mist upon the the shores of my old self. Clear and
warm sing out the voices of my sisters who gather
upon the Shore of Avalon to welcome me home.

Light is my spirit, healed are my illnesses as I touch
upon the land of heart's desire.

Through darkness and fear,love and light. Have I journey and crossed from
one world to the next and here will I linger in sun light and
moon light, healing and remembering the lessons of my days.

Here will I awaiting the song that will lead me into the
next journey.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Magic of Touch

There is a very special gift we as humans have its in a little place really, that's right it's in your finger tips, it's in the palm of you hand and the folds of your arms. It's your true touch.

We are also living in a time of great sadness, a time when many are afraid to touch, we with drawl from others. Because some have misused their gift of touch this makes us guarded even distant.

When was the last time you just reached out and touched someone's hand, brushed their arm or just wrapped your arms around them and hugged them from your soul?

The Magic of Touch can give healing to the troubled and ill, hope to the lost, joy to the sad. make the frightened feel save and the lonely feel apart of something more.

True touch is from the heart it's simple, it's pure and it's honest.

Fading Into the night

There are times when I feel that I will fade away into the night.

I will fade into the night and be like the whispering of the wind I love to hear in the trees, to feel upon my skin and through my hair. I will be like the cool water I love to swim in when the light of the moon is full.

I will fade back into the darkness and yet be forever lit with a light.

Have you ever stood in the night with nothing betwen you and it. Completely natural (no cloths, shoes) in the night felt it embrace you and lift you. Listened to the night whisper to your soul. Felt it kiss you?

Sometimes when sitting upon the earth and listening to the sweet lullaby of Gaia drifting on the wings of night. I feel often embraced in the stillness and the beauty of the velvet starry sky, I am forever there shining among them and yet never seen.

It's like dancing, spirally with the song of your soul. Dancing in the night to the sound of the music only you hear or to the soft rhythm of a light rain. Allowing the spirit to soar and from its height you can see beyond this time to times that are only echos of what was and far into what is yet to come.

I walk through the night and I am not afraid. But sometimes when I am lying in bed I long to be outside. Out there I do not feel the loneliness that I feel when in the confines of my room. Out there I am apart of something far larger.

Be Good, Be Safe and Be Happy
"I pray for you to know that as long as I am in this world you'll never walk alone". ~ Way Home by Tina Malia. ( I love this line so much)