Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yin Yang

In the dance of balance the dance of masculine and feminine energy is the symbol of Yin Yang.

From the darkness (Yin) emerges light (Yang) and then drifts back into the embrace of darkness again.

Yin receives the message and inspiration from the soul and the divine and Yang acts on the inspirations and messages.

Balance of the masculine and feminine sides is essential. In this drawing Yin is pregnant with the inspiration seed she has nurtured from the divine which Yang will force to sprout and grow and flow into the world.

Trovi la mia anima i e il suo per sempre. Find my soul and I am yours forever.

For Michael Panelli Sr. with love and respect

Trovi la mia anima i e il suo per sempre.

Find my soul and I am yours forever.

We have many soul mates. They are souls we have met and lived with in many life times lovers, spouses, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, students, friends, and family, or even our enemies, victims, or tormenters. We agreed with these souls to return together to learn and grow.

It is said we don't meet our Twin Soul until we have learned the lessons of love, loss and forgiveness.

It is also said that these lessons will prepare us for meeting our twin soul because it is so intense.

Souls like the lotus have many levels, as we grown and open we find our soul and when mates find our souls we connected and with time we find the other half of our soul and the two become one with each other and with the Divine.

This drawing is based on this belief that to touch the soul is the ultimate connection. Its based on a feeling of completeness and unconditional love and respect.

the lovers are in silver a symbol of the reflection of the soul, purity, connection with one another and the divine spirit.

The ivy symbols eternal magick and growth.

The Lotus opens to give birth and beauty to the two souls embracing and merging as one.

Nine stars and blessings from the Universe.

The multi colored star in the heart of the lovers symbolizes lives shared.

Highlights are illumination of the lessons (petals) and the merging lovers from those lessons.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ego / Shadow

The following was from a letter written to a friend who told me that the Ego had to be killed that it cold not be apart of you if you were to be enlightened.

"There are many teachings on ego and shadow. I have been told I need to kill my ego but how do you kill what is apart of you. the ego like the shadow are to be faced and recognized I believe this.

To everything there is an opposite Masculine / Feminine, Good / Evil, Strong / Weak, Positive / Negative and Right / Wrong the list goes on and on.

The Unity of Opposites is eternal. Balance is not about destroying but is about taking that which is and facing it and putting the energy and knowledge of the opposite into a constructive and mutual balance of the self.

Carl Jung's concept says the human psyche are named Ego, The Shadow is everything the psyche is apart from the conscious Ego. Anima man's buried feminine side, Animus woman's buried masculine side. The Personal unconscious, Collective unconscious and Persona are cloaks of the Ego and The Self the center and ultimate foundation of our psyche being.

My belief is that of the Celtic and Native American teachings in which we not only come to the threshold of our Shadow Self. But we do not attack it the shadow with ideas of destroying it but must recognize it as a vital, important part of ourselves. By confronting the Shadow we learn to work with it, and channel its energy for the greater good of the Self and those in our lives."

Beneath the Chaos

I am behind my time there are many things I have written, thought but not posted this is one of those.

Balance is essential to me finding it, understanding it and living it. But Chaos makes sense to me nothing is completely logical in life nor is it completely chaotic.

Legend is that Dragons are masters of Chaos(change)they bring order from the chaos. I find this interesting as I am born in the year of the Dragon and I had an ex boyfriend who said I was just to Chaotic for him he was very very logical and routine. Toss that in with a Gemini Dragon and he becomes dinner ha ha.

Beneath the chaos and within the silence of our own thoughts there is something remembered, reclaimed and reborn in our soul.

Something that may not give us a quick fix to our life, or a get rich quick resolution but its there inside us its wild, free, intuitive, powerful and compassionate and passionate.

It's there within each of us, stirring our hearts and making us come alive. Its a connection and understanding of the Great Mystery of something more.

Its the fire of our own passion for life, the path of our own adventure, the roar of our own stand for truth,justice and the soaring of our own freedom.

May you find the balance between your highest aspiration and your daily reality.

May you always know who you are, know when to be silent and when to speak out.

May you know when to hold on and when to let go.

May you give without regret or expectations, and know the blessings of such unconditional love and respect.

May you walk always in the company of your La Que Sabe - One Who knows.

Cara a Brudia Chyneua (Love and Divine Light)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

1111 Light Worker a Gift to the World

1111 Light worker a Gift to the World.

This was inspired by a blessing I received in the form of a comission to do the birth chart for a little girl born January 11 at 11:11.

This amazing life is a gift to the world a light worker, soul shaper a true one of Pure Heart Love.

Master Numbers are blessings but here is a child born at 1111 and who will be 11 on Jan 11, 2011. having the opportunity to work on her chart has been a personal blessing to me now when I have been troubled by my own doubts this time has been healing and rekindling to the spirit.

Thank you Alexandra may the love and light of your gift be eternally bright.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hearts In Twined

Well I have made several attempts since meeting Kristen and Lexi to draw the heart Kristen liked and to just have Lexi Love somewhere in the heart. But every drawing I was unhappy with it just felt wrong in some way and I would toss them away frustrated. 3 Times now I have drawn this one and as I started to toss it I started looking at it and found I liked the interpretative in it.

I wanted to share what I saw. I feel a strong urge even to paint this. So this is what I see in the drawing, its done with glitter and neon gel pins.

The hearts represent mother and child. The diamond symbolizes the growing jewel of the mother's heart her child.

Friends, Family and Memories are the flowers of the heart always blooming within us.

The largest orange flower making up the letter "O" in the name Love is my interpretation and symbol of Lexi's birth. It symbolizes balance of the life force, of thought, of wisdom. It symbolizes new ideas and new ways of looking at things its tolerance and love for all Life.

The stars represent a vow to one another. They represent constance of thought, of love and connection to one another mother and child.

Yellow flowers symbolize the joy of Life, Hope and Direction of Life. Yellow highlighting of the hearts and the Orange flower is the illumination of these hearts and their loving connection.

Red symbolizes love and the blood of Life these hearts share.

Silver symbolize balance and harmony, change, hope, wisdom and the silver lining.

Pink symbolizes compassion, femininity and nurturing.

Blue symbolizes truth, loyalty and calmness.

Purple symbolizes dignity,idealism, intuition, inspiration and service to humanity.

Green symbolizes restoring of body, mind and soul and growth.