Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handfasting Vow

I drew this last night inspired by thoughts of love and lovers. The Vow is bits and pieces of different ceremonies and some of my own parts which I feel fit well together. A vow of love I believe in and would make to my loved one. This blog is a tribute to love and lovers and the magick that they build together.

The hand fast cords symbolize 9 Promises brought to the joining:

Gold=(Masculine) Unity and longevity

Silver= (Feminine) Creativity, inspiration

White=Truth, peace, devotion

Purple= Healing, health

Light blue=Understanding, patience

Red=Love and passion

Orange=Kindness, encouragement, plenty

Yellow = Harmony, confidence

Green= Prosperity, beauty, nurturing

The stag horn = represents the man thought to be one of the three oldest animals also a symbol of Earth. also represents rebirth (new beginning), hunter(provider) and prowess(protection).

The rings or bands=completion and unity a token of the love that encircles the joining.

The flowers = represents the woman 9 tokens of her gift to her loved one.

Apple Blossom = Friendship and celebration of life

Lavender = Happiness and healing

Jasmine = intimacy and sleep

Rose = Love and Beauty

Ivy = Eternal Life, binding magick and protection

Lotus = Spirituality

Mistletoe = Good fortune, health and fertility

Orchid = Thoughtfulness

Rosemary = Memory and longevity

The stars represent = constant The stones represent= strength

Handfasting Vows

I offer thee my vow freely and with no restraint.

You are a precious gift to me, bringing joy into my life. I respect the bond between us and promise to keep it alive always and forever.

I promise to keep your trust, to be your best friend, your lover, and to share in your hopes and dreams. I promise to love thee wholly and completely without restraint, in sickness and in health, in plenty and in time of want, as long as love last.

To desire and be desired by thee, to walk with thee, to stand with thee in the purity of love.

Memories we share together, moments no one else will know. I will keep them close to me, never to let them go. By the life of my blood and love of my heart I take thee to my hand, my heart and my spirit to be my loved one. I will not seek to change thee. I will respect thee, thy beliefs, thy people and thy ways as I respect myself and my own.

Above us the stars, like the stars should our love be constant. Below us the stones, like the stones should our love be strong. We face the storms of life together. The world may grow cold but cannot freeze us, we will forever be together even when we are apart.

With arms to hold and support you, kisses soft and lingering and a love unbroken I do promise thee with love.

Blessings be with us Air, tie closely the bonds between us.

Blessings be with us Fire, Give our love and passion your warmth.

Blessings be with us Water, Give us who desire it the love and depth of body, soul and spirit.

Blessings be with us Earth, Lend our love your strength as long as we may live.

Blessings be with us Spirit of the Great Mystery, Give us your unconditional love and ever vigilant protection, shining wisdom, patience and understanding.

Always and Forever.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Guardian of the Flaming Pearl

The drawing was done early this morning, after doing the Awakening the Dragon that I learned from "The Celtic Spirit" the story to follow is a combination of tales that I have read or heard.
The Guardian of the Flaming Pearl

I was born in the year of the Dragon. It is said that dragons where of a time of chaos, a time other then that of man. The Eastern cultures believe the Dragon symbolizes the essence of the spiritual half of the cosmos. The Dragon breath in -takes the chaos of the unformed potentials and breaths out the order of our nature. The Dragons represent chaos (I have found this funny as I was once told I was too chaotic always changing) and the Dragons bring eternal change.
The Flaming Pearl represents man's awakening conscience.

Now my twist to the tales of Dragon;
In years beyond recording Dragons were the seers of what others cannot see, the spirit of eternal change they were born out of a time of chaos and destruction, they were Guardians and they became the guardians of man, their most precious treasure was the Flaming Pearl.
Man believed it would multiply what ever it touched and Kings sought it to increase their wealth.

The Dragons had protected man from the wraths of Gods many died in the fight for humanity, for the search for the pearl. The Dragons grew impatient of man's infancy they took counsel and decide man would not see the Flaming Pearl, in man's infancy the pearl was hidden in view of all mankind, the guardians shifted into their human appearance and walked among the children.

The Dragons watched, they taught and soon they saw some men transcended infancy to maturity and new possibilities of life opened but not all found the Flaming Pearl and those who did marveled that they had not recognized it before.

In finding the Flaming Pearl (Wisdom) man learned to awaken the dragon, the life giving energy within themselves and all living things. Looking into the depths of our soul we hear the song of our true selves we pass beyond the limits of our body and transcend to the level of our elders the Guardians of the Flaming Pearl ,the Spirit of eternal change, the Spark of light from the creation of the Universe and The Hope of Tomorrow.

Lord Grul, Guardian of the North bring the blessings of the Earth
Bless us with respect, endurance, prosperity and help us to
know the purpose in this life.

Lord Sairys, Guardian of the East bring the blessings of the Air
Bless us with brilliance and promises of sunshine flood us
with optimism, joy, intelligence, renew us with the helpful airs.

Lord Fafnir, Guardian of the South bring the blessings of Fire
Bless us with the light of enthusiasm, change, passion, courage,
will power and leadership.

Lord Naelyn, Guardian of the West bring the blessings of Water
Blessings of the water of life flow over us blessings of compassion,
peacefulness, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.

In the Love and Light of your blessings may man mature and in their
maturity find the true treasure of the Flaming Pearl within them.

May you find your Flaming Pearl and your Guardian Dragon.