Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome Home Hearth


Imagine a room and in the heart of this great room a fire burns in the hearth, the room is neither hot or cold but just right. The fire burns warm, inviting and around this fire are friends, families and among them your place is waiting. They greet you and welcome you home.

You've brought your favorite beverage,you're in your most comfortable attire and you sit back and relax as the conversation flows. Around this fire you can hear from others and be heard, here you can speak and be spoken too on many levels or you can sit n silence. Here we share our daily lives, our joys, our sorrows, our achievements and our losses.

At this fire side you'll experience support, encouragement and understanding. You'll find yourself growing and reaching out to others so different and yet kindred spirits, people you've never seen, you will have known your whole life.

At this fire the topics may not always relate to you, someone may have a healing request, another may announce a birth, a marriage, a death. One may ask for suggestions on help with business, children or life in general.

Around this fire you'll experience laughter,wisdom,peace,hope and love. Some one may have a site to share, a recipe, a song, a dance,a story, a poem, a thought, a dream.

At this fire side you'll find a hand, a shoulder, an ear, a heart, a smile or a word of comfort in a moment of need or want.

At this fire side no matter how often you visit or how little here you're always welcome home; here your place is always waiting no matter where you are or how far you roam, the journey into the waiting arms of those who have come before you and those who will follow you here.

You've made it home. Welcome

May you find the wonders of your life journey even more amazing.
May you you be lifted and guided in the luminous of love and light.
May each day be blessed and lived with the passion of life.

From our hearts to yours the great fire burns int h hearth this is our blessing and wish for you.