Saturday, December 03, 2005

Beating down the Ego beast.

I suppose it would all be much easier if we could all learn and discover the world at the same pace or in the same style but that's not a how it is, some never know who they truly are.

Some are more aware of it but say less, others are so aware of who they are they forget to see others. Their still in some small way under the same spell that Tom Cowan mentions in his book "Yearning for the Wind" a spell cast upon the people to make them believe they have "no connections to each other and no connection with nature or the rest of life."

Waking, awareness, enlightenment no matter what we call it or see it as, it is an amazing adventure. Some may sore ahead, others may drift along much slower and some may never see, hear or feel the difference and they won't even realize their missing anything.

I am plagued by the same decease as many "EGO", I think even some of the most aware has this problem too or why else would some believe themselves to be superior. But I have been thinking about this a great deal as it is the part of me that I most hate. But that's the jest of it isn't it, I know it's there I can't destroy it completely so I have to be aware of it lurking there in my dark half. So I have to be more forgiving, more patient, more loving and more accepting I have to do everything it wouldn't do.

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