Friday, April 25, 2008

To Teach Is To Learn

"The Bridge between" painted by me today after a night of some rather interesting dreams and thoughts.

To Teach Is To Learn
A teacher is someone that hears more then his/her own voice.
Someone who lives by what is taught and can learn as well.

If teaching of peace, patience, tolerance and awareness and humanity.

Then it would appear to be better taught without contempt for humanity.

A teacher is someone who believes they are A path, A truth. But not so self superior or arrogant enough to believe that they are The path, The truth.

A teacher can not teach others when placing limits and restricts on them, of what the teacher thinks he/she knows and what he/she refuses to know.

If the teacher is closed so may be the student.

A teacher knows the journey of Life is made with one step at a time, it flows like the river, it's strong as the stones, it burn like fire and it breaths through us like the wind. Life is about opening our minds, extending our ourselves beyond what was and what is to what Can be.

A teacher can not teach a future when he/she does not have hope and faith in a future.

"Who am I" is the starting point. Its the whispering that calls the spirit, the path that is traveled and the journey that passes through the old with respect to create something new with Passion of Life.

How well do you know yourself? Not what you think you know or what others think they know of you. What is the deepest true song of who you are?

No teacher can teach you this only you know the song planted like a seed within, only you know how to nurture its growth and transformation and only you can harvest it fruits and magick.

Ca 'ch Angerdd i mewn Buchedd.
Find Your Passion in Life.

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