Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beneath the Chaos

I am behind my time there are many things I have written, thought but not posted this is one of those.

Balance is essential to me finding it, understanding it and living it. But Chaos makes sense to me nothing is completely logical in life nor is it completely chaotic.

Legend is that Dragons are masters of Chaos(change)they bring order from the chaos. I find this interesting as I am born in the year of the Dragon and I had an ex boyfriend who said I was just to Chaotic for him he was very very logical and routine. Toss that in with a Gemini Dragon and he becomes dinner ha ha.

Beneath the chaos and within the silence of our own thoughts there is something remembered, reclaimed and reborn in our soul.

Something that may not give us a quick fix to our life, or a get rich quick resolution but its there inside us its wild, free, intuitive, powerful and compassionate and passionate.

It's there within each of us, stirring our hearts and making us come alive. Its a connection and understanding of the Great Mystery of something more.

Its the fire of our own passion for life, the path of our own adventure, the roar of our own stand for truth,justice and the soaring of our own freedom.

May you find the balance between your highest aspiration and your daily reality.

May you always know who you are, know when to be silent and when to speak out.

May you know when to hold on and when to let go.

May you give without regret or expectations, and know the blessings of such unconditional love and respect.

May you walk always in the company of your La Que Sabe - One Who knows.

Cara a Brudia Chyneua (Love and Divine Light)

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