Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hearts In Twined

Well I have made several attempts since meeting Kristen and Lexi to draw the heart Kristen liked and to just have Lexi Love somewhere in the heart. But every drawing I was unhappy with it just felt wrong in some way and I would toss them away frustrated. 3 Times now I have drawn this one and as I started to toss it I started looking at it and found I liked the interpretative in it.

I wanted to share what I saw. I feel a strong urge even to paint this. So this is what I see in the drawing, its done with glitter and neon gel pins.

The hearts represent mother and child. The diamond symbolizes the growing jewel of the mother's heart her child.

Friends, Family and Memories are the flowers of the heart always blooming within us.

The largest orange flower making up the letter "O" in the name Love is my interpretation and symbol of Lexi's birth. It symbolizes balance of the life force, of thought, of wisdom. It symbolizes new ideas and new ways of looking at things its tolerance and love for all Life.

The stars represent a vow to one another. They represent constance of thought, of love and connection to one another mother and child.

Yellow flowers symbolize the joy of Life, Hope and Direction of Life. Yellow highlighting of the hearts and the Orange flower is the illumination of these hearts and their loving connection.

Red symbolizes love and the blood of Life these hearts share.

Silver symbolize balance and harmony, change, hope, wisdom and the silver lining.

Pink symbolizes compassion, femininity and nurturing.

Blue symbolizes truth, loyalty and calmness.

Purple symbolizes dignity,idealism, intuition, inspiration and service to humanity.

Green symbolizes restoring of body, mind and soul and growth.

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