Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trovi la mia anima i e il suo per sempre. Find my soul and I am yours forever.

For Michael Panelli Sr. with love and respect

Trovi la mia anima i e il suo per sempre.

Find my soul and I am yours forever.

We have many soul mates. They are souls we have met and lived with in many life times lovers, spouses, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, students, friends, and family, or even our enemies, victims, or tormenters. We agreed with these souls to return together to learn and grow.

It is said we don't meet our Twin Soul until we have learned the lessons of love, loss and forgiveness.

It is also said that these lessons will prepare us for meeting our twin soul because it is so intense.

Souls like the lotus have many levels, as we grown and open we find our soul and when mates find our souls we connected and with time we find the other half of our soul and the two become one with each other and with the Divine.

This drawing is based on this belief that to touch the soul is the ultimate connection. Its based on a feeling of completeness and unconditional love and respect.

the lovers are in silver a symbol of the reflection of the soul, purity, connection with one another and the divine spirit.

The ivy symbols eternal magick and growth.

The Lotus opens to give birth and beauty to the two souls embracing and merging as one.

Nine stars and blessings from the Universe.

The multi colored star in the heart of the lovers symbolizes lives shared.

Highlights are illumination of the lessons (petals) and the merging lovers from those lessons.

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