Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flowers of Life

Flowers of Life

The source of all we are all similar, all different and all connected even if we aren't aware of it.

Swirling around one another and through life sometimes so close we take for granite those swirling around with us until they aren't there anymore for a variety of reasons and cause, some good, some bad moments of happiness and moments of sadness. But apart of our lives.

We have choices that make and shape our lives just like the many shapes of the flowers we create our flower as we swirl through life.

May your flower grow in love, light and shine through the swirling dance into others lives may you find all you desire, achieve all you attempt and rule your own destiny.

Take time to appreciate the flowers of life (People, Places and Things), to help the buds (Children) grow and the beauty (Time) to shine, savor their essence (Who they are not who you want them to be)

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