Saturday, March 08, 2014

Yantra March 2014

A Little wild and free the creative spirit calls us to explore our Passion of Life to express our thoughts through dance, music, writing and art.

The spirals reminds us of our ever evolving journey through Life.

The Seed of Life (the Center Bindu) represents the point of creation, the infinite unexpressed it vibrates with tolerance and acceptance of all beings, all cultures and all beliefs bursting into the Flower of Life and the web of Creation.

The upward triangle and the downward triangle the Masculine (upward) represents action and Feminine (downward) meditation Joining together like unification of the placing of the left hand (masculine) mundane and the right hand (feminine) the sacred into oneness and harmony.

The Lotus illumination of our unlimited potential to remember mistakes and challenges of life are the fertilizer for brilliance and creation while being the light of forgiveness and compassion.

The Ivy is an example of the spirit and the strength we carry of survival and determination to with stand all harsh conditions, ever growing, emerging from destruction and clinging to who all hope.

Colores of the Lotus Peddles

Violet Unity and Serenity
Indigo Intuition and Insight
Green Universal love and Compassion
Blue Honesty and Integrity
Yellow Will Power and Trust
Orange Sensuality and Creativity
Red Strength and Patience
White Beginning and Purity

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