Friday, June 10, 2016

Goleuni a Thywyllch ~ Light and Darkness

By Cheiriosen aka Wych

Inspired by an inner journey, a song by Mary McLaughlin "Light of the Darkness" and a study of the Balance between my Light and Darkness.

Goleuni a Thywyllwch
Light and Darkness

“Not only is Darkness known through Light but Light is known through Darkness” ~Jung

Some are taught misguidedly that the story of Light and Darkness is a story of Good (Light) against Bad (Darkness) an eternal battle of wills.

Light has been related to Knowledge is it of common sense, teachings of the world or is it something deeper and more of ourselves and our purest thoughts and compassion.  Darkness has been related to the unknown, fear and mystery a great monster of our darkest thoughts and expressions.

Yet in the beginning its always Dark and from this void of nothing is the Light ever present refined and revealing our inspirations, ever burning to question, freeing our spirit to take flight and sore encouraging us to seek out our shadows, take our darkest passages and to face our deepest fears to listen to the echoes of our own reflections.

In the Darkness our Light illuminates the hidden creations of our soul, where we plant and nurture the seeds of who we are, we grow into the beauty of who we will be.

 In the dark our scars and wounds are hidden and allowed to heal and flourish within our own light. We learn to shine in our own light. We find balance within our Darkness (Unconsciousness) and bath in our ever living Light (Consciousness).

In the Darkness I walk the path of my life the shadows are no more than whispers and from them I have come to know the Light’s warmth and I won’t be afraid as I come to know the Darkness’ embrace I will not find it so cold as it will be lit and seen with the deep Light within and I will know it.

Light and Darkness will comprehend one another.

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