Sunday, June 18, 2006

Finding Your Passion of Life

It feels sometimes like my mind never stops finding new things to fascinate me it's sort of like being a baby and watching the prisms dance across the walls of your room every one is some how different and fascinating and your just completely in awe of it. Thats how I feel about life.
And the more in awe of life I am the more never ending I seem to be come.

Sometime you just have to have Priorities life can be to heavy, routine and draining if you don't live it. I'm not totally irresponsable, but sometimes you just have to throw your arms around life and enjoy.

"There is more to life then increasing it's speed." ~ Mahatma Gandhi with this in mind and this being the time of your life How are you spending it? I read this last year before I learned about the lumps in my breast, but I don't think I really appreciated the words until later.

But I twisted it with my own thoughts and feelings, I think it was about managing time originally. It also mentioned "How much do you value your life?" "Do you treasure each day?" and my favorite part of course "Or do you allow each new day to carbon copy the one before, basically unnoticed, unappreciated and under used."

My twist on this was not about managing time but finding my passion for life and to create it new and fresh with as little copying as possible (we all have routines) but I want to make the most of every second.

I think people need to think of life as a lover, it should be intoxicating, indulgent (as long as no one is hurt) seductive and lure us to the very height of our inner self, life should reflect the heart and soul that burns inside us be an unedited, undiluted and uninhibited expression of who we are. I think this but I don't do it not all the time, anyway the world I don't think is ready for this some are but it makes others very uncomfortable. This is something I think the world is starving for and won't even know it.

Finding Your Passion of Life is like touching that which burns in the very depths of us all.

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