Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Secret of Life.....Only you know.

The journey within can be a time of refection as well as growth. It will have its moments of great sorrow and great joy. And as we move deeper within we face who we were, who we are and who we hope to be, we face many processes and fears as we reclaim ourselves and remember that in the darkness shines the greatest light of all.

In the movie city slickers( sorry but yes sometimes you can find some wisdom in a movie) the question is asked by Curly (Jack Palance) asked "Do you know what the secret to life is? And he holds up one finger and says "One thing" Mitch (Billy Crystal) asked "What's the one thing?" only to be told "That's what you have to figure out."

There are many paths in the journey of our lives, some will be smooth and in calm waters like a lake deep in the woods, others will be wide and rolling like the ocean deep and dark in spots with troubled winds. The journey of our life began long before our first thought.

You can learn to think, to feel, to see, to hear. You can be encouraged to deep thoughts. Taught to question and wonder, but in real no one can give you the secret to life this is "One thing" only you know.

In my journey through life I have learned to embrace the child I was, the woman I am and the spirit I will always be, to look where I've been and to face who I am.

My only advice to a searcher of the secret of life is to not see with your eyes but with your soul, to feel with your heart, learn from yesterday, live for today and hold on to the hope for tomorrow.

Ask yourself "What is the One thing?" and remember the old saying "If you find it not within then you'll not find it without."

May you find all you desire, achieve all you attempt and rule your own destiny.

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