Sunday, June 04, 2006

Whispering Moment of Life

Hope this letter finds you in fine health and high spirit, I guess I am feeling a bit more aware of the little things right now. This gets my mind wondering. And I just felt like sharing this with you its my journal entry.

Sometimes I find myself sort of drifting back in and out of times not so much the bad as the good. The fact that it's night yet again here only gives me more time with my thoughts, but we had two days that were almost like spring and I so with that it made me think of yet another moment, another time and place.

Sometimes in the spring or summer I like to take a drive up highway 70 up through the Feather River Canyon it starts out wide and an amazing view of the world stretching out before my sight.

As I drive further the mountains begin to form the canyon walls, not too closed but enough that the walls of the canyon raise above you on both sides, the Feather River runs through this canyon first on your left then you cross a bridge and the river is on your right.

Here life takes a different view from the one you walked out your front door with, here in this canyon it doesn't demand your attention but it whispers to your soul, once while driving down this canyon I saw what to me was an amazing tribute to life, to the magick moments of life, but how many times had I passed this very spot and never saw it till that moment when life whispered to me.

In the photo "whispering moment of life" you can see a tree and flowers and greenery growing right out of the very stones of the earth and mountains side this is a tribute to the will and the hope of life the earth has and the lesson mankind must learn.

As I drive up into the mountains deeper into the canyon on this whinding two lane highway, the windows down the air moving through the car the cool touch of it against my face and my extended hand out the window, I feel the air filling me with its energy and freedom.

I drive on and it is as if I am driving into another world, such peace and ease. there are a couple different little spots up this canyon that rents cabins for those get away moments, but many times I just drive up to Belding Town there is a bridge which takes you across the river to the cabins there is a small store, a cafe and of course a bar too.

But they have this amazing large deck that looks over the river, and there are tables down by the water. I love to sit on this deck order my tea have my little portable cd player sometimes a book to read, sometimes a notebook to write, sometimes I just sit there and listen.

The wind singing through the trees, the laughing water of the river, sometimes I like to walk barefoot near the water feeling the earth beneath my feet so strong and sure.

Here in this moment life whispers to the heart and soul.

This poem I wrote in memory of Tammi, a spiritual sister who has taken the journey home but stays with me always even though we had brief moments, it seems to fit here too speaking of whispering moments.

For whispering moments are about memories, love, beauty and appreciation of the magick and wonder of lifes gifts. About finding the gifts in each day, in ourselves, in others and in the little things coffee with friends, a chat with a friend, in laughter, in an old photo and seeing old things fresh and new.

I Am

In the rustling of the leaves will I whisper to you.
In the dancing of the tall grass and swirl of autumn
leaves will I caress and lift you up.

I Am Air.

In the crackling warmth of the hearth fire will
I bring comfort to you.
In the light of the sun, moon and stars will
I watch over you.

I Am Fire.

In the babbling creek will I laugh with you.
In the flow of the rivers, streams and oceans will
I walk with you.

I Am Water.

From mountain peaks to caverens deep
will I support and provide for you.

I Am Earth.

I Am never ending.
beginning to beginning I pass
from one realm to the next.

I Am Spirit.
cr. CKOrman "I AM" (written in Memory of Tammi)I wish you many whispered moments. Have a great week.

Always and Forever,

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