Monday, October 30, 2006


On the day we’re born two amazingly beautiful and magical things happen.

The first being that our amazing little soul has come into this world with it comes hope, love, wisdom, patience and promise and possablity.

And the second is that we have accepted Life’s offer to have this dance for
rest of our lives. Each swirling splendor of motion from the smallest second to the grandest moment we have ever experienced. It’s an echo of our soul’s dance.

And through the years we dance fast and slow, we dance in darkness and in light. But we dance. And as we get older sometimes the tune may get a bit off beat, this is when we have to listen a little more carefully to the tune.

Life wants you to lead (Take control) so don’t be afraid, because it won’t take terms and it won’t wait on you. The expectations we set for ourselves are the hardest to achieve but the grandest to meet, if we don’t turn those expecations into limitations that bind us.

So the next time you feel life tap you on the shoulder; Stand on your head, jump in a pile of leaves, spin around in the night and then lay on the earth and watch the night sky spiral back into balance, call a friend (heck call a stranger) and say "Hi", "I Love You", "I’m thinking of you.", hug a tree, a person, a pet. Just don’t think about it. Feel it. Let it feel you and let it fill you up.

Life is color and sound in motion, listen to the music of your deepest heart and soul and dance. Bring that inner magic and dance into your daily routine and watch life respond.

You set the beat ( thoughts, play and desires, ect.), you make the steps (motions and actions), you write the music (past, present and future) and trust me life will radiate with you.

So no matter how old you are, where you are, who you are or even who you’re with. Don’t forget to Dance……To Live!!!!!!!!

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