Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journey is the Destination

Life is funny sometimes, often we think of the destination as the reward after a long journey.

There are many roads and paths we have already walked and many more we will walk and travel in our lifetime, some will pass over other paths we have crossed before, some will be with friends and some will be traveled alone.

Everyone is trying to reach the destination but today I read the most simple yet in depth expression that seemed to sum it all up for me "The Journey is the Destination." (found in an article in New Age Retailer )

Rainer Maria Rilke said " There is only one Journey. Going Inside yourself"

I have been in the mist of a celtic spiritual healing combining it with native american and other forms of spiritual healing trying to journey to some great destination of enlightenment and knowledge.

Along the path I have learned many things about myself, I have released many things that have hindered me.

The Journey hasn't come to an end by any means, but prehaps it has come to a new realization and that would be that the great Destination that I have been trying to reach has always been right here with me.

In the very things I have learned and that I try and share with others; Love, Happiness, Hope, Tolerance, Patience, and what ever Wisdom I have learned.

It's been in the nightly walks my twist on meditation, the appreciation of the world, the notice of the beauty around me and the dancing and singing that I feel and hear within me.

So the true destination isn't where I end up but how I get there.

May you always and forever learn from yesterday,
live for today and hope for tomorrow.

May you find all that you desire,
Achieve all that you attempt,
And Rule your own destiny.

May you be eternally challenged to grow,
to stretch beyond.

And May you find that great destination,
within you.

Cara a Brudia Chyneua Chofleidia' ch
(Love and Divine Light embrace you)

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