Monday, October 16, 2006

Vision of Crossing Home by CKOrman

Vision of Crossing Home:

From the shores of this earthly world
I embark into the next, the barge bares me
forth through veils of mist over waters dark
and deep.

From beneath the gray skies I pass into
the clear light of myself and as I journey
forth passing visions of that which was into
what is, light upon the water does the barge
become as it drifts onward to the silvery
moonlit Shores of Avalon into the waiting arms
of the Great Mother. I am home.

Sweet echos the songs of my sisters beyond the
mist upon the the shores of my old self. Clear and
warm sing out the voices of my sisters who gather
upon the Shore of Avalon to welcome me home.

Light is my spirit, healed are my illnesses as I touch
upon the land of heart's desire.

Through darkness and fear,love and light. Have I journey and crossed from
one world to the next and here will I linger in sun light and
moon light, healing and remembering the lessons of my days.

Here will I awaiting the song that will lead me into the
next journey.


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