Sunday, October 15, 2006

Magic of Touch

There is a very special gift we as humans have its in a little place really, that's right it's in your finger tips, it's in the palm of you hand and the folds of your arms. It's your true touch.

We are also living in a time of great sadness, a time when many are afraid to touch, we with drawl from others. Because some have misused their gift of touch this makes us guarded even distant.

When was the last time you just reached out and touched someone's hand, brushed their arm or just wrapped your arms around them and hugged them from your soul?

The Magic of Touch can give healing to the troubled and ill, hope to the lost, joy to the sad. make the frightened feel save and the lonely feel apart of something more.

True touch is from the heart it's simple, it's pure and it's honest.

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