Saturday, September 22, 2007


I read Barbara Ascher's essay "On Compassion" I felt this story in many ways in thought and in heart as I recalled how I myself once looked upon transits, beggars and those less fortunate then myself.

But it changed, how I am not really sure. And how better to explain it then to say I evolved beyond who I was. I can feel compassion for others and what is even more important at least to me is I can and do try to help and without expectations of any from of return.

I have even learned to feel compassion for my enemies (these I count as those who take actions against humanity, life and who's intent is to do harm to others or myself).

Mankind has many flaws but two of them I feel contribute to actions against humanity and life are:

1) We choose what we will see. Often choosing to be blind. Be it from fear, ignorance, anger or just because its easier on us.

2) We choose to destroy what we fear, what we don't understand.

When we look at people we see only the outside. Never looking to why or how, never giving thought to what can be done to change and sometimes our compassion is only for display and praise.

We dis value people making them bare our own titles based on their being different in faith, cultures, social standing, ethnic, appearance where they live, how they talk.

We create from this lack of compassion disposable people.

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