Monday, March 17, 2008

Climbing the Mountain of Truth

Image from my doodles Title: Finding My Own Deep True Song (This image I drew during a conversation with Ron)
Climbing The Mountain Of Truth is about finding the deep true song of what are wants are, what we need, what we feel its a walk of connection with ourselves where we discover both the mundane and spiritual aspects of who we are.
The climb is a walk very much like a labyrinth, the first level of the climb has five parts. At the plateau on the path to the second level of four parts the next plateau to the third level and then straight on to the mountain peak and light.
There are no wrong or right answers its finding meaning in symbols, and truth of the song deep with in our soul that we often don't hear. Be spontaneous go with your first thought or feeling. In an earlier blog I mentioned that "They say the eyes are windows to the soul." Could a spontaneous answer be the doorway to the soul.

Climbing the Mountain of Truth

Its a weather perfect day as you approach the mountain base and prepare to climb the mountain path you look around.
Describe the weather? what do you see? what do you feel?

You start your climb up the mountain in your solitary moment you begin to walk through your mind, through your life each step is like an echo through time. The first five steps of your climb are of feelings, thoughts and expectations.

As you start your climb before the first bend you ask.
What motivates you? What are your goals? define innocence?

As you make the turn and start the second bend you ask.
What are your expectations? desires? what are you hoping for?

As you make the turn and start the third bend you meet a man and a woman.
Describe each of them your first impressions? ideas? feelings?

As you walk on to the fourth bend on the path the weather changes.
What is it like? Describe your feelings about the change?

As you walk on to the fifth bend a large rest area with a plateau, you look around you've come only a short ways still a very long climb.
What will you do? What do you see behind you? What do you see before you?

As you climb on up the mountain approaching the sixth bend you ask.
What are your fears? What are your doubts? What is the worst that can happen?
What is the best that can happen? What is the middle ground?

As you walk on to the seventh bend you find the way blocked.
What is it? What happens?

As you reach the eighth bend there is another change in the weather and the ground of the path is uneven, less traveled and more challenging.
What do you feel? Describe what you see?

You have reached the next rest plateau you look around you have come half way.
What do you see behind you? What do you see before you? What do you need?
What must you be aware of? What makes you move forward?

As you start to climb the last level you look at your thoughts, feels and yourself.
What perception of your truth do you have?

As you climb on toward the approaching top.
What Exhilarates you? What makes you feel the rapture of being alive?
What makes you feel alone? What makes you feel Complete?

The mountain peak is in sight.
what else do you see? how do you feel?

Standing on the mountain top.
what is your ultimate truth?

We each have a song of our life deep within us a song our soul's sing that only we hear it is our truth, it's who we are.

May you climb the mountain of life and sing out with the deep true song of your soul.

May it lift you and fill you with its strength, happiness, peace, love, hope and wisdom and may it fill the air of the world in harmony and celebration with life.

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