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From Ashes Hope Raises

(Image by me)Phoenix Song

From Ashes Hope Raises
The legend of the Phoenix is if you look at it in one view the tale of human life a cycle of faith, strength, home, death and rebirth and hope. In the legend the Phoenix is a lone beautiful bird blessed by the Sun God Apollo, but in its immortality it becomes hunted for it’s beautiful feathers so that it flew away to far east hidden desert away from humans.

The Phoenix in this hidden world could fly freely and sing its song of praise and as the centuries pasted and the Phoenix aged it decided to return to its place of origin the trip back was hard he was older, weaker and had to stop and it gathered cinnamon bark and fragrance leaves it returned home to the tallest palm tree it had collected myrrh and shaped an egg.

The Phoenix sang to the Sun to make him young and that song the Sun heard and in its fierce rays the sun shined down upon the Phoenix, there was a flash of light and the Phoenix burst into a ball of fire.

When the flames had died down the nest and tree remained unaffected but the Phoenix had disappeared, in the silvery ash of what was. Something began to slowly heave itself upward and as it stretched its neck, flapped its wings moment to moment it grew until it was the same size as it had been it hollowed out the myrrh egg and placed the ashes of it’s old self inside.

And flew to the sun temple where it placed the egg on the sun’s altar then flew away to the faraway East returning home to the mountain top in the West every 500 years when it is old and weak to be reborn young and strong. The Phoenix is a beautiful and unique bird.
(summary of my favorite Phoenix Tale)

We humans are born and blessed very much like the Phoenix and in our mortality find ourselves the hunter as well as the hunted, we each are beautiful and unique in our own colors. We are born.

We track treasures in money, in positions, houses and things. While the true treasures of our lives tend to elude us they are often hidden away from us because we won’t see. We dis value ourselves and others.

We hide ourselves in worlds we create safe from other humans hidden so we won’t get hurt, we can be free to be who we are, to follow a life we keep for ourselves. We take flight, travel, and explore life away from the familiar. We grow.

We live each day surviving the trials of life, we learn our strengths and weaknesses we develop our faith. We learn the songs of our lives and when our strength wanes we remember were we came from. We remember home.

Each time we face the challenges in our lives or change the course we walk through our lives, we burn away the old us and emerge new, younger and stronger. We are reborn

With each rebirth a new hope comes, a hope for a better tomorrow, a better us and a better way that we approach life. From the Ashes of our own past and present Hope raises for our future. We begin a new life.

We’re not going to always know the right thing to say, the right step to make. Nothing in this life or any other is going to be flawless that’s the beauty of it and the uniqueness of it.

But unlike the Phoenix we don’t have to wait to get old to start new and young and fresh every time we the human race decided to burn away the old us; the one who valued money more then people, progress more then nature. We rise up from those ashes into a new Hope for our children and our children’s children.

As kids hope is like breathing in as we get older we view hope as we would the Phoenix something legends are made of, but even legends have been known to be more if you believe in hope, if you hold on to it and nurture it then hope grows and it will burst into a new flame, one that lights the world.

May the Ashes of your life,
Ignite the flames of your life,
And fill you with Hope’s light.

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