Monday, November 02, 2009

Soul Shaping

"When we approach every moment and every human interaction in the spirit of hospitality, something ancient and holy begins to dwell within us. Welcome this presence into your life and know that with it you can Shape the Soul of the World." ~ Fred MacEowen "Mist Filled Path"

Every morning I watch the passengers like myself and unlike myself shuffle among the buses. Some cluster in groups of friends, co workers or students, others stepping back away from others and others totally indifferent to anyone or anything around them.

And every now and then you see a soul shaper, someone who touches something within you that makes you think, question and feel. They generally arent even aware of themselves or their actions they are simply being themselves and unaware of the shaping they create.

On this crisp morning when the sun had just drifted through and pushed back the darkness, when the air was cold and the breath of those rushing by was visable.

Huddled against the wall of the terminal sat and elderly woman, her story locked within her, her eyes sorrowful but with out tears, her remaining belongings stuffed into a shopping cart. Her hands red from the cold a scarf wrapped around her head to ward of the cold. She said nothing to those who passed her, no request for unwanted or unneeded coins. she watched in silence as they shuffled pass.

The young woman with her thin jacket bulging backpack hands full dropped her pack in front of the elderly woman who managed to get to her feet and help shift the pack on the young woman and return to her seat against the wall. while the young woman rushed away with out a word.

I watched as an older woman approached the elderly woman and handed her the gloves she had been wearing and offered her the muffin and coffee she had just bought at the little market across the road.

I watched as these two soul shapers beating with the same heart beat of the Divine, shaped the world and didnt even realize they had touched anyone, I watched as others passed and even stopped to observe the actions and reactions of life being shaped.

Everyone has value, everyone has this beautiful ability to see the Unseen, hear the unheard and to shape the world we journey through and watching these amazing soul shapers in their selfless actions makes an on looker realize how easy life can be shaped through our actions and reactions.

Thank someone, lend a hand and remember we are all Soul Shapers, we have the ability to make even the smallest of actions create a reaction.


Comfortpaws said...

Beautiful Cherry. You are so very blessed. I wish i could see the world through your eyes.

marcel said...

i like what you write