Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Are Fantasy

This poem of mine was published in January 2001 and later added to the CD "The Silence Within" the following Spring.

We are Fantasy both morning and night,
We are reason to believe, ours is the
passion of sharing, reaching out to
others. living within ourselves seeing
through our mind's eyes.

We are Fantasy in mind & soul there we
dwell we know your laughter, your tears,
your love and we share the gift of
sight for we are the dreams, we are time
space we are truth and fiction.

We are Fantasy through us a new world
takes form, an old love lives forever,
a fading promise is renewed and
contentment is found in solitude, we are
the tellers of tales, we are myths and
the creators of magic.

We are Fantasy, we are the writers.

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