Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dragon Elements

The drawing I did November 24th dragons of elements and the center is my Dragon Spirit.

I was born in the year of the dragon I am a Gemini Yang Wood Dragon. My daughter Kat is a Piece Yang Earth Dragon.

Dragon Elements

Lord Sairys ruler of the East. Power of Air.
Lord Fafnir ruler of the South. Power of Fire.
Lord Naelyan ruler of the West. Power of Water.
Lord Grael ruler of the North. Power of Earth.
Dragon Spirit.

Elfennau y Ddraig

Arglwydd Sairys pren mesur y Dwyrain. Pŵer Awyr.
Arglwydd Fafnir rheolwr y De. Pŵer Tân.
Arglwydd Naelyan pren mesur y Gorllewin. Pŵer Dŵr. Arglwydd Grael rheolwr y Gogledd. Pŵer Ddaear.
Ysbryd y Ddraig


Lord Sairys I bow before you come bless us with the brilliance and promise of sunrises, flood us with optimism, joy, intelligence, renew us with the helpful air and allow the East to embrace us.

Lord Fafnir I bow before you come bless us with helpful fires light us with enthusiam, change, passion, courage, will power and leadership allow the South to embrace us.

Lord Naelyn I bow before you come bless us with the flowing water of life, wash over us with your blessing of
Compassion, peacefulness, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness and peace of mind allow the West to embrace us.

Lord Grael I bow before you come bless us with respect, endurance, prosperity help us to know our purpose in life, allow the North to embrace us.

May I be a keeper of the dragon spirit.

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