Sunday, January 01, 2012

Giving Birth to Myself

This drawing was inspired by the passage by Alma Villanveva
"I woman give birth, and this time to myself."

Through reflection of who we were, who we are and who we will become. We each give birth to ourselves again and again as we grow and open expanding ourselves.

The Lotus represents the human soul from divine purity to enlightenment like the lotus our life has many pedals, levels that open up as we grow from the first breath of life divine.

The pregnant woman represents the life carried within a woman and bringing all that to life giving birth in the representation creating herself.

Music notes represent the song of the soul.

Sun represents the masculine side of the self, the light of new day and new hope.

Moon represents the feminine side of the self, the darkness, unknown, intuition. From darkness into the light life is born.

Stars represents knowledge of good and truth, a constant source of light.

Trinity presents oath of Earth, Sea and Air and the Maiden, Mother and Crone

Human foot print represents the first steps of a life.

Wolf paw print represents the steps of instincts with intelligence and family.

Deer Hoof print represents the steps of Gentleness in word, thoughts and touch and to listening.

Owl in Flight represents the question "Who?" comfort with shadow-self, keen sight and Freedom.

Orca in Motion represents the freeing of the human soul and finding the soul's song.

Green represents renewal of body, mind and soul.
Purple represents Inspirational, spirituality and tolerance.
Blue represents Truth, loyalty and justice
Red represents Loving, creativity and ambition.
Pink represents Cheerful Compassionate
Orange represents Power of thought, new way of looking at things
Yellow represents Light, carefree and illumination.
Bronze represents Nature, wholesomeness and simplicity.

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