Saturday, December 17, 2011

drawn May 2010

I love Native American legend and story telling I often tell a story even if to myself when I draw something that moves me in this case the Sacred Oak tree.

Many cultures believe the Oak tree to be sacred.

According to one Native American legend there a beautiful woman, the wife of a powerful chief and she became very ill. All the tribe's medicine men were called in and they "pow-wowed" and administered herbal medicines but they could not cure the beautiful woman. Slowly,she became weaker and sicker. Finally, desperate for a cure, the young chief traveled to the Sacred Oak and there prayed to the Great Spirit for his wife to be saved. when he returned to camp, his wife was well again. Several years went by and the tribe was threaten by a hostile tribe. Once again, the chief traveled to the Sacred Oak and prayed to the Great Spirit, who gave him guidance. The chief gathered blankets and beads and journeyed the camp of the enemy. His gifts were accepted, and before he left, he smoked the pipe of peace with the chief of the other tribe. From then on, the Sacred Oak was looked upon as the shrine tree, the people went to the Sacred Oak in times of trouble to pray, and legend has it that help was always given to them.

The Celtic people also held trees to be sacred and believe there are lessons we learn from the trees, the oak tree often has massive branches that extend and spread out some for hundreds of feet in different directions but supported by one massive deep rooted trunk the deeper the roots the further the oak can extend and grow.

Ancient Celts observed the oak's massive growth and impressive expanse. They took this as a sign that the oak was to be honored for its endurance, and noble presence. The Oak tree deals with: Life, Strength, Wisdom, Nobility, Family, Loyalty, Power, Longevity, Heritage

and Honor. Celtic astrology is done with trees as well as animals those born in the month of the Oak tree are believed to be protective people champions for those who do not have a voice (the underdogs). It teaches us to be strong in the storms of life to make our roots deep so we may bend with the wind but not break and to extend ourselves to protect and shelter others and to grow with the connection of the tree of life.

The Cherokee teachings say within the Tree of Life there are sacred directions it is said the creator planted the Sacred Tree for all the people of the Earth and within this tree they would find healing, power, security and wisdom. The connection is we are like the tree of life we live and experience changes of seasons and the changing of our lives.

The tree is an embodiment of the sacred connection of all things rooted in the circle of life with in the tree of life we are connected with Father Sky of the wind and wisdom, with Grandfather Sun of fire and security, with Mother Earth of life and healing and with Grandmother Moon of water and power.

The Celts honored their greatest oath of trinity; earth, air and sea. These are a couple of my favorite legends and stories. To me what the oak tree symbolizes and the connection seems logical and more apart of what I feel, believe and who I am.

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