Thursday, June 08, 2006

What would your soul consider a waste of time?

They say "the eyes are the window to the soul" wonder if spontaneous answers and actions are the doorway to the same soul. I asked a friend "what would your soul consider a waste of time? He wrote a very good explanation (spontaneous) then gave more as he thought about it, but in the first one of his explanations I loved a part and well I don't know to me I was thinking yes this is good when I read about Split Mountain and the use of his imagination I loved the part about the "central place where all realities are valid and can be sampled, none have domination over the other. It was where I could Love everything without prejudice."

I have to say he conveyed a concept beautifully. From what I read and someone else may see or hear it differently (I love being different ha-ha) this is very essential to the soul that center place he spoke of I call the grounding or balance between worlds our choice of this plane of consciousness with that almost elusive bond we have with a plane of unconscious. The alluring and demanding presence that there is something more. The ability to sample, explore and look and experience life openly, freely and with a child like Love and pure understanding.

It doesn't matter what path a person walks their faith, their color, their language the goal has always been the same to transcend to a higher self or to return to the Divine or the One.

What would my soul consider a waste of time? (I was asked this once before and I don't seem to recall the answer it was two years ago, but I know as I grow my answers change)

I think it would be a waste never to truly experience life, I see people everyday and listen to them they drive to work each morning and never see, feel or hear beyond their reality, they never see how green the grass is or how the hills seem to roll in the wind, they never feel the energy of the earth or hear the trees. Sadly enough all this we also do to people, animals, places and things.

Many don't hear the elderly struggling, our county has literally described our time as a time of disposable children. Many don't see people they see fear, hate and anger. Never realizing these same people have the same concerns and ability to love, fear and hate. Mankind has a great flaw what it doesn't understand it fears and what it fears it wants only to destroy. We kill not for food but for the thrill of the hunt, not for survival but the trophies.

This limits our experience of life, every breath of life is a blessing, every dream a possibility. So I say find your passion of life, live each day as the greatest adventure. There are 86,400 seconds in the day miss one and it's gone forever, it takes only one second to smile at someone, in less then five seconds you can say "I Love You", "I'm Sorry" or "I Forgive You" or simply give a hug. Just imagine the wonderful things you could do with the rest of those seconds.

We all have bad things that have happened or that will happen, the struggle for life is not getting through it like a chore, its making each second mean something and creating something from even our darkest moments into something positive glimps of something beyond. Its wisdom, hope, compassion, these develop who we are and where we are and where we are going.

It's like the story of the message in the sand and the stone. Really and this is a good way to live each day writing the wrongs and harms others have done in the sand that it be blown away in the wind and the good carve it in stone this is the foundation of something worth building on and remembering.

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