Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fading Into the night

There are times when I feel that I will fade away into the night.

I will fade into the night and be like the whispering of the wind I love to hear in the trees, to feel upon my skin and through my hair. I will be like the cool water I love to swim in when the light of the moon is full.

I will fade back into the darkness and yet be forever lit with a light.

Have you ever stood in the night with nothing betwen you and it. Completely natural (no cloths, shoes) in the night felt it embrace you and lift you. Listened to the night whisper to your soul. Felt it kiss you?

Sometimes when sitting upon the earth and listening to the sweet lullaby of Gaia drifting on the wings of night. I feel often embraced in the stillness and the beauty of the velvet starry sky, I am forever there shining among them and yet never seen.

It's like dancing, spirally with the song of your soul. Dancing in the night to the sound of the music only you hear or to the soft rhythm of a light rain. Allowing the spirit to soar and from its height you can see beyond this time to times that are only echos of what was and far into what is yet to come.

I walk through the night and I am not afraid. But sometimes when I am lying in bed I long to be outside. Out there I do not feel the loneliness that I feel when in the confines of my room. Out there I am apart of something far larger.

Be Good, Be Safe and Be Happy
"I pray for you to know that as long as I am in this world you'll never walk alone". ~ Way Home by Tina Malia. ( I love this line so much)

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